Bad habits drive annoying culture on the road

An online survey by mobile device accessories brand Bracketron Australia into frustrating road habits shows tailgating as the most annoying behaviour on the road.

In the survey, almost one in three responded that being tailgated was the most frustrating, while one in five were agitated by illicit mobile phone use (e.g. texting while driving).

When drivers tailgate, it creates a dangerous situation that can lead to a collision and physical injury.

Research by insurance company AAMI in 2016 showed that the most common type of accidents were nose-to-tail collisions.

VicRoads advises that motorists keep a two-second following distance from the vehicle in front.

It works by counting two seconds from the time the car in front passes a solid object on the side of the road (e.g. utility pole or bus stop). If you reach the object before two seconds then you are not keeping a safe distance.

If road users are being tailgated they should always remain calm. When it is safe, change lanes to allow the other driver to pass and avoid confrontation.

The illegal use of a mobile device in the car creates a dangerous situation

In December 2016, a 20-year old driver who was texting died after losing control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree in the Victoria’s north.

Tragic incidents like this one remind us about the perils of distracted driving. Remember to avoid distractions and always look ahead.

Using a commercial holder for your mobile device is a quick and easy solution to keep in view without having to handle it.

If you need to use your mobile device, pull over on the side of the road when it’s safe and engage the park brake before using.

There are many commercial holders available in the marketplace, but US-designed Bracketron mobile device holders are made to last, unlike many cheap imitations.

Bracketron has a range of specialty holders that can be mounted on the dashboard, windscreen, vent and cup holders.

Customers can connect their mobile device to the mount by inserting it into a cradle, or by attaching it to a magnetic surface.

Bracketron also offers a range of high-quality charging devices and cables.

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